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The Originals

October 5, 2013

I just watched the first episode and it gets the rare thumbs up. I admit I never really got into the Vampire Diaries series since the first couple books ended up being a bit meh for me eons ago.

Since I haven’t seen Vampire Diaries I wonder if I’m missing something with regards to the Original crew backstory–the brothers on the ship the trio came to Louisiana on.

Are they gone, gone, have they previously made /might they make an appearance?

I’m thinking they may not be gone, gone because Klaus mentioned the sister having been daggered and boxed a few times.

I like Elijah, though his shirt collar kept bugging me. It looked ill-fitting and I wanted to smooth it down. ^_^


Sleepy Hollow

September 17, 2013

So…who watched the  Sleepy Hollow premiere last night (or this a.m. as the case may be)?

What did you think?

Me, I liked it enough to watch more.

Okay, okay so I really liked watching Tom Mison who has finally banished the geeky Disney image of Ichabod Crane from my mind.

There were a couple bits that pulled me out of the story such as Lt. Abbie placing the potential insane axe murderer in the front seat of her patrol car and a “known witch” being publicly buried in a churchyard, but I’ll forgive the goofs for now.

I never did get into Vampire Diaries but I am looking forward a little to The Originals. What”s not to love about vampires and witches in New Orleans???

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