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More Musical Inspiration

February 27, 2012

When I envision a story and start to write it plays out like a movie in my head complete with soundtrack the minute I hear an appropriate song.

For Shadows Fall Away it began with an image of a cute guy, ticked off at the world and everyone in it and riding his skateboard like  maniac to the tune of Good Charlotte’s Misery. I totally saw it as the opening of a movie with the skating cutting away to arguments with mom & dad, getting in trouble with bad news friends and closing out with my Mark standing before a juvenile court judge and hearing the verdict that would propel him into his adventure.

I confess, I’m all about counting the chickens before they hatch so of course I’m pondering the sequel to Shadows Fall Away even before it attracts an agent. Again it began to unfold like a movie. This time Mark had a more positive air about him even though he zipped around on his skateboard wildly enough to make the mother in me cringe. 🙂

A few chapters in, another song from a couple years back hit me as the focal point for Mark’s frame of mind as he watches the girl he thought would occupy his future begin to slip away.


(Carl Bell is a fabulous songwriter and so looks like Mark’s dad to me 🙂 )

Work-in-progress inspiration

July 25, 2011

About a week or so ago I came across the coolest thing– a guitar from 1888 and it got me to thinking about my WIP hero Mark. I imagined him seeing this find as “a little piece of home”  and that led me to think more about him and his relationship with his family especially his dad who’s had just about enough of his sh*t prior to the story’s start.

And I thought that music was probably the only thing they’d managed to agree on to some extent no matter how tense things got between them. So in checking out youtube for various songs I’ve always liked I’ve been checking out acoustic versions of things and this one made me think of Mark and his dad in one of their rare getting along moments and I wanted to share.

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