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American Royalty Series

June 27, 2016

Book 1: Reluctant Princess: (status: complete 89,000 words Read Chapter One)

Sometimes it takes a battle plan to reach Happily Ever After….

The daughter of career Marines, Katrina Williamson was never one to entertain romantic daydreams until she crossed paths with nerdy grad student Christian (C.J.) Höhenburg, second son of Prince Gerhard, sovereign of a tiny European Principality.

As C.J.’s graduation approaches, Kat fears that the invitation to attend a British royal wedding is his way of giving her something special to remember before he returns to Höhenburg. Kat’s walk on the royal side goes into high gear when C.J. proposes and presents her with the ring that belonged to his late mother, American actress Violet St. James.

Kat barely has a chance to process the whole future princess thing. Soon she’s navigating an obstacle course of press encounters gone bad, backstabbing future in-laws, archaic Princely House Rules, and wild conspiracy theories regarding Princess Violet’s tragic death—theories that might not be so wild after all.

After finding the truth the truth behind what really happened to Princess Violet, Kat risks losing her own happily ever after.

Book 2: Prince Charmless (status: complete 75,000 words Read Chapter One)

Sara Williamson dearly loves her stepsister Kat and has always looked up to her. And yet she can’t understand how Kat manages to get everything right on the first try: great education, career, and a prince for a husband.

For the life of her, Sara can’t figure out where she keeps going wrong, especially in the guy department. All she wants is to meet a nice guy who wants her for herself and not beause she has great boobs or father with political connections, or a fabulously wealthy brother in law.

It doesn’t take long for Sara to regret her decision to spend the holidays in “Princesslandia” when those she loves share and receive great news making her feel more alone and like a failure than ever before.

The last thing Sara wants to do is play babysitter to the royal family’s chief bad boy the arrogant Prince Karl who is forced into doing something with his life by taking on a series of public engagements.

It’s a pleasant surprise to see a new side to the now clean and sober Karl and when a New Year’s Eve dance leads to so much more Sara learns the meaning of “Be careful what you wish for…”

Book 3: working title “Prince for Hire”(status: plotting stage)

Prince Johann of Höhenburg picked up the royal playboy life where his older cousin left off. But as new head of the Princely House Family Council, Karl is not about to cut Johann any slack. He takes away the younger man’s stipend and family privileges for the remainder of the year.

It doesn’t take long for Johann to find that his many friends don’t know the meaning of the word. With little more than the designer clothes on his back and an expensive sports car that’s low on gas, the wayward prince has no choice but to rely on the charity of strangers: specifically American grad student Gina Odell.

Gina will never forgive Johann for the way he treated her BFF Sara. And she’s looking for payback for the way he swideswiped her rental and left her stranded by the side of the road. But being raised a (fairly) good Catholic girl, she decides to offer Johann a hand by getting him a summer job with her father Jesse who has little time or patience for “lazyass pretty boys who never worked a day in their life”.

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New & Improved is alive!

December 9, 2014



The Young Dragon

September 5, 2011

Indulging  in my love for Rudolf Martin playing Dracula prompted me to dig out and revise a short I wrote a long time ago about the real Dracula.

The Young Dragon


Wallachia (Romania)

The day had started badly enough and got progressively worse the moment I made it past the treeline to see the blockage in the road up ahead. I had to get this load of grain delivered and get back home to look after my mother and sister before nightfall. The last thing I needed was to be held up by an egotistical aristocrat and his band of brainless henchmen.

Seeing the problem, I tethered the horses, jumped down from my wagon and approached the group, my hands held at my sides to show I was no threat. Not that that would make much difference if they wanted to kill me for no other reason than because they could. “Forgive my interference, but I suggest a redistribution of weight. The wooden chest should be placed farther back, closer to the horse’s rump to counter the weight of the leather sacks on either side. The animal won’t continually balk if he doesn’t feel off balance.”

The fattest of the nobles looked down his big nose at me. The animal is stubborn and should be beaten like a peasant who doesn’t know his place.”

I’d had more than enough of their kind bleeding the country dry on the backs of it’s people and lining their pockets with our sweat and blood. “Perhaps the animal is not the only stubborn one.”

“You impudent piece of dung.”

The boyar pulled his sword. I refused to give him the satisfaction of so much as a single flinch.


I was surprised to see the noble quake in his boots and I turned to see who’d caused such fear in the big man’s eyes. It was another nobleman but hardly beyond my own seventeen years.

But when he dismounted and came toward me I understood why the fat noble had backed down as quickly as he had. This man radiated power and brute strength with each step he took.

The fat boyar bowed is head. “Forgive me, Voivode, but this peasant has the audacity to say my servants did not arrange the provisions properly on that useless animal.”

So the young one was a prince no doubt come to scavenge what was left of Wallachia after the murders of Vlad Dracul and his heir.

The prince stood within arm’s length, those green eyes of his boring into me. I refused to avert my gaze but granted him a quick bow of my head.

“Not a common peasant, but not of the highest class. Who are you and how do you know Miscu’s horse is not simply being difficult?”

“I am Theodore Petru. I know the horse is not being difficult because I’ve bred and used them to transport marketable goods my entire life. I own the land the other side of the forest that was granted to my grandfather by order of Mircea the Great for service at the battle of Rovine and in helping him reclaim his throne from Vlad the Usurper. And of course for his service in battling the Turks.” The last I said casting a glance to the two Turks in this prince’s traveling party.

The nobleman stepped away as if I was of no consequence and began speaking in low tones to one of his Turkish minions. I looked to the sky, gauging the sun’s position. I was hopelessly late and had no time for this needless delay.

Impatience overrode any common sense I might have had and unleashed my tongue. “Will you please take my advice and distribute the load of your goods or at least have the decency to make enough room for me to pass?”

Sharp intakes of breath and the quick attention of the young prince hammered home that I had signed my own death warrant.

The prince laughed and strode forward to clap me on the shoulder. “One would have to be a fool or very at peace with God to take such a tone with the son of Vlad Dracul.  However, I will not make the mistake of taking you for a fool. I will overlook your tongue—this time—for I agree with you. You will take these supplies in your wagon and follow us to Târgoviște.”

“But Voivode, I must deliver— “ My words died beneath the weight of Vlad Dracula’s  stare.

He gave me a cold, cruel smile. “I have need of your services, Petru. Now.”


He turned his back. “But nothing. Come.”


Squee Time

August 23, 2011

Just received a totally awesome review for Falling Through Glass from I Heart YA Books.

” I fell in love with Falling Through Glass. Kit Forbes has written one amazingly beautiful love story. Kae and Emmi’s romance gave me goose bumps. This is why I read romance! For a few hours, I can be swept away into a fantasy of swooning love, and say, “Aww! That was such a great book.”


July 21, 2011

Julie from Manga Maniac Cafe posted the interview I recently did with her.

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