Sleepy Hollow

So…who watched the  Sleepy Hollow premiere last night (or this a.m. as the case may be)?

What did you think?

Me, I liked it enough to watch more.

Okay, okay so I really liked watching Tom Mison who has finally banished the geeky Disney image of Ichabod Crane from my mind.

There were a couple bits that pulled me out of the story such as Lt. Abbie placing the potential insane axe murderer in the front seat of her patrol car and a “known witch” being publicly buried in a churchyard, but I’ll forgive the goofs for now.

I never did get into Vampire Diaries but I am looking forward a little to The Originals. What”s not to love about vampires and witches in New Orleans???

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2 Comments on “Sleepy Hollow”

  1. OMG, I really loved this! I’ll definitely be tuning in! And yeah, I caught the “witch” gravestone in the church yard too (LOL). I think the premise is cool and I have to say I have a new celebrity crush (hehehe). I told my boss when I got to work today that there’s something about Ichabod that’s kind of hot. And I’m gearing up for The Originals, TVD, and I’m gonna end up adding StarCrossed (another CW show) to my list.


  2. kitforbes Says:

    Guy playing Ichabod is definitely a hottie.

    He kind of reminds me of the kid who played the Gypsy in the Netflix Hemlock Grove who reminded me of my Mark so in my head Ichabod = older Mark with an accent he picked up from Genie. LOL


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