Live action version of a fav anime

I sooooo hope this makes it to the US. The anime of this is what got me interested in 19th century Japan which inspired me to write Falling Through Glass.

If you’re so inclined you can get a great 4th of July sale price on Falling Through Glass which was inspired by the real history that inspired Rurouni Kenshin. ^_^

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6 Comments on “Live action version of a fav anime”

  1. Ooh, this is sweet! My niece loves anime stuff!


  2. I am also really looking forward to this. I’ve watched most of the anime, and read some of the manga. I wonder why it hasn’t made it to a live set before this.


    • kitforbes Says:

      I don’t know. Maybe no one wanted to tackle it before now or they couldn’t get the right script together. WE catch a glimpse of Saitou in there so maybe this is using a lot of the “Kyoto Arc”. Which is fine by me since that was my favorite part. ^_^


  3. Really like this!! Wish I knew Japenese though so I could figure what they were saying more though…


    • kitforbes Says:

      I’m such a dork, I’ve seen the English language version of the anime so many times it never crossed my mind it wouldn’t make much sense to non RK dorks. LOL

      In a nutshell Kenshin (the pretty samurai boy) was orphaned as a young child and taken in by a master swordsman who taught him everything he knew. In turn teenaged Kenshin was recruited by the guys trying to overthrow the Shogunate and he became the most feared assassin they had.

      Fast forward about 10 years–,Kenshin becomes almost a pacifist and basically goes where the wind blows until he hits Tokyo and runs into a girl –Kaoru–(the girl with the hat & sword who confronts him) who is trying to make a go of keeping her late dad’s sword school going, She also tends to take in “strays” like Kenshin. ^_^

      A lot of the episodes involve Kenshin’s past catching up with him and threatening his new friends and Kenshin having to keep his vow to not kill more with saving lives of those in danger.

      One of the main blasts from the past was the cop Saitou Hajime who was the top assassin for the Shogunate back in the day. They have this totally epic rematch and have to join forces during “The Kyoto Arc” of the story. It was great. (Had those episodes on DVD–they were stolen. Still bummed.)

      Anyway, Saitou (and some others mentioned in the series) were real. Totally blew me away when I found that out and that’s what led me to looking into the real history and ultimately led to Falling Through Glass (Saitou & his Shinsengumi chums appear in there a bit ^_^)

      Does any of that rambling make sense to anyone but me?


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